Our Mission

Be the recognized industry leader in diverse recycling services with the utmost focus on superior customer service and protection of our clients' brands. To provide our employees with a safe, pleasant working environment where a profitable enterprise results in job security & an opportunity for advancement.

About Us

AERC Recycling Solutions is a nationally regulated and "permitted" electronic waste and universal waste recycling company with over 25 years of industry experience. We are committed to a green world by helping clients in proper end-of-life management of assets containing sensitive data and components hazardous to our environment. AERC believes that the best way to do this is by providing quality service to our 2500+ customers. AERC offers an integrated strategy that allows its clients to reduce the amount of waste produced, implements best practices for handling waste on-site, and provides a full range of treatment options to meet specific needs.

We're committed to helping clients achieve their recycling goals.”

AERC owns and operates electronics processing facilities in four separate geographic locations. Each AERC electronics processing facility has the distinct industry designation of being an R2/RIOS Certified Electronics Recyclerâ„¢ facility and has been independently certified to achieve these industry designations. These facilities are in Allentown, PA, Richmond, VA, West Melbourne, FL, and Hayward, CA.

Each AERC facility is fully EPA permitted and complies with all state & federal EPA, OSHA, and DOT Regulations. AERC recognizes that environmental management is one of our highest corporate priorities and conducts all aspects of its business accordingly as responsible stewards of the environment.

AERC, founded on the principles of hazardous waste and universal waste management, maintains best practices in the industry for handling all components of the electronic devices. It is the mission of AERC Recycling Solutions to keep these hazardous materials out of landfills and the environment through industry leadership and responsible recycling.

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